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TalkingIRC Policies

This short document lists the policies by which all users are expected to abide. The consequence of violating these policies will rest with the administrators.

About Administrators

  • Admins do not like private messages; please ask permission if you wish to speak with one of us privately.
  • Admins do not babysit; we are mainly here to maintain server performance and to handle harassment. Try to use the ignore function to your best degree.
  • Admins have the final say concerning everything.
  • Admins will not ask you for your password

General Policies

  • Do not connect with the intent of advertising.
  • No abuse (botnets, dDOS, flooding, threats and purposely exploiting bugs)
  • No more than a certain number of clones may be connected (see Network Security).
  • No asking for operator status.
  • No asking for support pertaining to other networks.
  • No asking for support pertaining to setting up IRC networks. We're not your local tech support!
  • No phonetically similar nicnames

Network Channels

These policies refer to the two main channels that are run by the Network Administration. These policies do not dictate other channels.


This is the network support channel, not for regular discussion. This channel does not necessarily carry the freedom of speech policy. Join, ask your question, get your answer and leave. Idling for educational purposes is permitted.

  • No flooding
  • No bots
  • No clones
  • No repeating--Be patient
  • No ASCII art
  • No encrypted messages
  • No scripts (MP3, Away, auto-trigger, etc)
  • Use English only


This is the main channel – where the administrators and network regulars hang out. This channel maintains a freedom of speech policy. If you don’t like what is being said, simply ignore the offending person or leave. Remember – you have full control of your own channel! Whining about sensitive subjects or other channel content is grounds for severe ridiculing.

  • No flooding
  • No user bots
  • No constant repeating
  • No ASCII art
  • No encrypted messages
  • No auto-response scripts; all triggers on a script must be triggered by you
  • No "speech sounds" or other repeating text, such as "a'r'r'r'r'r'r" or "rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrh".

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