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The TalkingIRC IRC Network utilises several means of keeping itself secure. Please read this page for information on our security measures. These may affect you in some way.

Proxy Scanner

The TalkingIRC IRC Network scans you for open proxies upon connecting. This is because many proxies are configured improperly, making them insecure, and thus hackers and script-kiddies can use them to cause trouble on IRC. If you become banned from the network for using an open proxy, please go to the URL specified in the ban message for further instructions for securing your proxy. We will not allow insecure proxies on the network.

If you are not using a proxy, but are still getting banned by the scanner, please see the Contacts section for information on contacting us. We may be able to help you resolve the problem. Please note that you may trigger the proxy scanner if your machine is running a web server. Also, if you are using a dialup account, and you acquire an IP already used by another user who was using an open proxy, you may become banned from the network. Simply follow the link given in the ban message for further instructions on removing your IP from the database. Reconnecting to your ISP may also solve the problem, but it is strongly advised that you view the pages concerning the proxy.

Clones and General Security

The network will let no more than three clients from the same host connect at the same time. This is to avoid clone floods. If you are banned by services for bringing on too many clones, do not ask us to unban you because we won't. It is your responsibility and we feel that you cannot accidentally load more than three clones onto a server. The ban will not last forever; so you'll just have to wait for it to expire.

In network channels, such as #TalkingIRC, there are many flood precautions set to insure protection on the channel. If you repeat yourself, flood, change nicknames constantly, or any other inappropriate behaviour, you will be taken care of by the server or bot.

If you have any questions about our security precautions, please contact us. We hope by setting up all of the precautions that a more enjoyable IRC experience will be maintained.

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