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MemoServ allows users to send short messages to other users who may not be logged on the network. This is somewhat like an IRC mailbox. The sender of the memo, as well as the receiver, must have their nicknames registered with NickServ.

If a user has sent you a memo, you will receive a notification from MemoServ as soon as the memo is sent or as soon as you identify to your nickname with NickServ. The message will tell you what to type to read the memo.

If you have several memos, you may wish to view a list. To retrieve a list of all of your memos (and whether they have been read, deleted, etc) type:

/msg MemoServ LIST

If you would like to send a memo to another user, type the following command:

/msg MemoServ SEND <nickname> <message>

Replace the "nickname" and "message" portions of the command with the appropriate values. For example:

/msg MemoServ SEND ace When is the next version of tIRC coming out?

(This memo will be firmly ignored, just to let you know :P )

To receive further assistance with MemoServ, read the MemoServ help index by typing:

/msg MemoServ HELP

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