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Please read this FAQ before asking us questions on the network. Many times we receive questions from people that might already be answered either here or somewhere else on the web site. Help us out by reading our documentation.

This document is broken down into questions. Please search the below table of contents for the question that either is or closely resembles your issue. Pressing enter or clicking on the link corresponding with the question will place you at the point in the document where it is answered. If there are any concerns, please Contact Us.

Please note that this FAQ is constantly being updated! If you have a question that is not answered here, you may email it to us and we will add it. alternatively, you may also submit your question(s) by submitting them through the FAQ Form.

Table of Contents

1 - What happened to Freedom Chat?
2 - How can I become an Administrator?
3 - How do I register nicknames and channels?
4 - What's with all of this strong language on #TalkingIRC?
5 - May I have a channel that is constantly open?
6 - Why does ChanServ de-op me when I join a channel that I own?

Q1: What Happened to Freedom Chat?


On 2nd September 2006, the FC/TalkingIRC Administration decided that, due to a few reasons, it was time to change the network name back to TalkingIRC. First, it was more original; plus, the name was too similar to the name of another network. Also, we decided to declare the FC client obsolete because it is now pretty easy to install and configure mIRC with one of the many accessibility plugins out there, be it tIRC, SJAMS, or any others. For information about IRC clients, please see Help with IRC Clients and if you're visually-impaired, we recommend that you check out tIRC at


Q2: How can I become an Administrator?


Simple: you can't! I do not know how many places I have this stated--in channel welcome messages, in the user policies and, now, on this FAQ page. Please read this excerpt from our user policies:

Begging or repeatedly asking for any type of channel privileges or IRCop privileges is strictly forbidden. It is extremely annoying to us as administrators and we don't have the time to argue with users about this. If we feel we need more IRCops, we will discuss it amongst ourselves and come to you if we wish you to have privileges. Asking for IRCop privileges will ensure that you will never get them. Furthermore, if you persist, you may be disconnected, banned from the channel, or banned from the network. Basically: don't call us, we'll call you.

I hope this answers the question!


Q3: How do I register nicknames and channels?


Please see NickServ Help and ChanServ Help.


Q4: What's with all of the strong language on #TalkingIRC


As the welcome message states, #TalkingIRC is a censored channel. We are strong believers of freedom of speech and take full advantage of this right in our network channels. If the language bothers you, please ignore the person or find another channel. If someone is bashing you, please use your client's ignore facility. If the person is evading your ignores, following you around the network, or harassing you in any way, please let us know. We will act on a case-by-case basis. Please include proof (whois replies, logs, nicknames) so that we can verify your information and track down the offending user.


Q5: May I have a channel that is constantly open?


We used to allow this by configuring the channel's assigned BotServ bot never to leave the channel; however, we no longer offer this because our channel list became full of channels with only one member in them--a bot. They were never in use. Although we discourage this, if you would like your channel to remain open, you may hold it open with a bot of your own. This will work if you are using a broadband connection that is always active or have a commercial shell account. We would prefer, if you are going to have a channel open constantly, that it be in active use. Dead channels just take up space and are not necessary.


Q6: Why does ChanServ de-op me when I join a channel that I own?


It does not. Our new services program has a different way of handling channel modes. Instead of setting all modes that lead up to the +o mode as well as that mode, it simply sets the channel owner mode (+q) which contains all of the privileges that a channel owner should have.

tIRC has not been updated to recognise this unique mode management. So, yes, you are being de-opped but after that you are receiving the channel owner flag which gives you all privileges of a channel owner. tIRC doesn't yet recognise this mode.


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