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Everything on this portion of the site is not related to the operations of the network; it has all been placed here for your enjoyment. Some things you will find funny and some you may find helpful.

Warning Some material here may not be suitable for all users. Read at your own risk. Also please understand that any document appearing to disparage any person is purely in fun and is not to be taken seriously.

Document Description
rachael.m4a audio recording of Rachael Spangler singing. The electric guitar was amplified through a macbook pro since a guitar amp was not available. Yes I know, it sounds like shit.
The TalkingIRC Blog Various blurbs from the TalkingIRC Admins (primarily from ace)
Alter Aeon Locations Directions to locations on the AA MUD.
Windows 2005 Keith Edition Microsoft releases Windows 2005 Keith Edition.
CutieCat 2004 picture of CutieCat.
Robby (2003) 2003 picture of Robby.
Robby (2004) 2004 picture of Robby
rob-2005.jpg 2005 picture of Robby
DMA Burners Enabling DMA for CD burners.
Certificate of Upgrade Squirt's certificate of upgrade.
snow_dog Essay Essay written for snow_dog.
Da Leet Files Speech synthesizers singing and speaking about leet things.
The Ginger Saga The sad, sad story of an unleet user who was pranked by the Freedom Chat Leets.
Moron Series -- Austin and Moya 28th June 2005
Moron Series -- princeofshadows 28th June 2005