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An IRC client is a program that is installed on your computer that allows you to connect to any IRC server in the world, including TalkingIRC. Think of an IRC client like you would a mail client, web browser, news reader, or any other program on your system that accesses the Internet. Clicking the link at the top of this page will open the default IRC client installed on your computer and instruct it to connect to our IRC network. If you do not have an IRC client installed, you will receive an error. If you do not wish to install an IRC client, feel free to use the Java applet, which is a method of chatting from our web site.

Obtaining an IRC Client Visually-Impaired Users

If you are visually-impaired, we recommend tIRC which can be found at Instructions pertaining to setting it up are also included on the tIRC web site.

Just like any other software programs, there are hundreds of different IRC clients and the one that you use is completely your choice. The most commonly used IRC client is called mIRC. It is easy to install and configure. Simply run the installation program, start the client, fill in the fields that are presented upon initial start of the program, and type the following to connect to TalkingIRC: /server

If you are on a UNIX-based OS, Epic is usually installed. Simply type epic nickname from your shell prompt to initiate a connection to our network.

For UNIX users, we recommend Irssi -

For all other operating systems, or if you do not like the clients that we recommend, then please search the Internet for one that suits you best.

If you have any questions, please jump over to the Contact section.

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