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ChanServ provides you with the ability to own channels. For those of you who can't set up an IRC server, this is an ideal way to meet with your friends. ChanServ provides many features which will assist you in the process of keeping your channel safe and secure.

To create a channel, you must first join it by using:

/join <#channel>

replacing #channel with whatever you wish your channel to be called (it must begin with a # sign). Once you join the channel, submit the following command to ChanServ:

/msg ChanServ REGISTER <#channel> <password> <description>

Replace the "#channel", "password", and "description" portions of the command with the appropriate values. For example:

/msg ChanServ REGISTER #l33t mypass003 For all leet people

Once your channel is registered, ChanServ will set you as the "founder" (you have highest access to all channel functions) and set some channel modes.

Since ChanServ is such a powerful service, we strongly recommend you read all of the ChanServ command indexes to learn how to secure your channel and add channel operators, Co-Founders, etc. To receive further assistance with ChanServ, type:

/msg ChanServ HELP

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