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The BotServ utility provides you with a channel bot that monitors your registered channel for floods, repeats, bolds, or anything which you set it to kick. It can even maintain a badwords list for you and kick/ban users who say words which are on this list.

To pick a bot for your channel, you will need to retrieve a list of bots currently connected to the network. To do this, type:

/msg BotServ botlist

If you would like us to create a bot for you, join #help and ask there. You may also send your request to:

To assign a bot to your channel, please type:

/msg BotServ ASSIGN <#channel> <botnick>

Replace the "#channel" and "botnick" portions of the command with the appropriate values. For example:

/msg BotServ ASSIGN #l33t leetbot

For commands that can be performed on the channel, type !help within the channel. /msg <botnick> HELP will present more commands.

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