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09 January 2012

We now have a TeamTalk server for anyone interested in voice chatting with us. TeamTalk can be downloaded at www.bearware.dk

Make sure to download the latest version, which is 4.2 as of this blog post.

If you’re blind, then at some point during the installation process, you will be asked to select the components to install. Please, please, make sure to select “TeamTalk Client for Accessibility” which is specifically designed to work with screen readers such as JAWS and Window-eyes. This is important! If you neglect to do this, you will have an unusable client.

After you’ve installed the program and completed the setup wizard, press f2 in the main TeamTalk window and type talkingirc.net in the host address edit box and press enter. Do not worry about the other options for now. If you’re successful, one of us will help you further optimize your settings if necessary. Good luck and happy voice chatting!

08 January 2012

A new version of tIRC has just been released, tIRC3.9Sharalynn. This release mainly addresses a few bugs that prevented tIRC from working in newer versions of mIRC. It can be downloaded here

Also, an audio tutorial has been made for those of you who want to hear how the installation process is done. It can be downloaded here

23 December 2008

A few changes are taking place here at TalkingIRC of which you should all be aware. First, the services have been dumped in favor of Anope. This was to consume resources on the shell that hosts the server. Second, we have decided to get rid of the wiki and go back to our previous web site, which was primarily designed by Sincerity. This was to save space and to cut down on the amount of spam received by our web site since most of us are too busy to monitor the site actively.

some things may be broken. Some links may not work and some information may be out of date. Please email us at irc@talkingirc.net if you come across any of these issues. Also, please re-register your nicknames on the network. Thank you!

Thanks for visiting our web site! If you are looking for a nice, small group of people to chat with, you have found the right place. TalkingIRC is a small community of people from around the world originally founded in mid-2003. For more information about our network, please use the links on the left of this page. It is also important that you read our User Policies before you connect. These policies were written to insure the best IRC experience possible.

If you need to contact us, please go to the Contact Information section. Your feedback is welcome. If you are sending in an abuse report, please include /whois reports of the offending parties and logs of the event. Enjoy your time on our network!

This site was designed by Sincerity, ace and fmillion. Send all comments, suggestions, broken links, or inaccuracies to irc@talkingirc.net.
Last updated: 08 January 2012
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